I would highly recommend contacting Shane Peik at Monumental Cleaning and Restoration LLC to clean or repair your family headstones.  I recently had the pleasure of having Shane complete some work for our family on some very old family headstones. Shane was very quick to respond to my phone call to him. Since I live out of state, all of our communication was done via phone or email. Shane always responded to my phone calls and emails in a timely fashion. He thoroughly explained the process he uses to clean the headstones and patiently answered all of my questions. Shane’s estimate for the work that needed to be done was beyond reasonable. His estimate included precisely what was to be done to the headstones, with detailed instructions. He included several photographs of “before” pictures which really helped us to see the damage and wear to the stones he would be fixing.  Shane completed the work in a timely manner and well within the time limit he had expressed to us. He sent “after” pictures, and I cannot believe the difference! I was thrilled with the outcome. The stones are absolutely beautiful. I am so relieved that they were able to be cleaned and repaired. We had previously been told by a different source that the stones were not repairable and would have to be replaced. This concerned us because we wanted to maintain the integrity of the stones and the old cemetery they were in. It means so much to my family and myself that our ancestor’s headstones are now readable and in great condition. We now know they will be there for our children, grandchildren and future generations to visit as they become interested in our family history. This means so much to us and we have Shane to thank for it. We will definitely be having Shane do more work on some more family headstones. You can trust the motto on his home page at www.gravestonecleaning.com for sure! Shane definitely is “Saving one cemetery at a time!” and our family will always be grateful for the work he does. Thanks Shane! 

  Barb of Minnesota